What About Mobile VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is now an outstanding means of long distance communication with a much lesser cost, enabling its users to save money through the use of a simple telephone with an adapter or making use of computer-to-computer calls.

Recently, a number of ways has been utilized to take advantage of Voice over Internet Protocol and other associated technological advancements concerning mobile phones. However, some service providers do not take extreme measures to initiate ways that can totally permit clients to use free data plan minutes and voice calls, especially on an international level. Nevertheless, alternative measures have been efficiently introduced and these ways will definitely gain popularity in the near future.


The latest models of mobile phones contain an added Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) feature, which allows convenient access to the Internet. Wi-Fi that has once been very rare is now becoming very popular to people due to its fast wireless internet speed. It can now be accessed from certain hotspots, such as restaurants, hotels, airports and even hospitals. It has even invaded even the common places of simple buildings, villages and offices as a part of a Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN).

Several mobile service providers grant access to voice calls via a phone’s Wi-Fi feature, leading to the use of a VoIP. An example of such is T-Mobile, which provides a certain package that includes unlimited hotspot call plan for only an additional fee of $9.99 every month, and includes unlimited nationwide voice calls via Wi-Fi hotspots.

Wi-Fi enabled mobile phones

Wi-Fi enable phones can now connect to the online community through the built-in Skype program, even without the use of a computer. Your existing Skype account can now be opened and you will be able to make international calls to other Skype users, all for free. There will be no monthly fees but you will be required to use SkypeIn credits for inbound calls and SkypeOut credits for outbound calls.

Hybrid Phones

There are now planned actions circulating around the mobile industry to combine three separate technological advancements, like Wi-Fi, VoIP and wireless broadband, in one device. They aim to offer unspoiled access to the excellent qualities of all the most sought after features integrated into one gadget and mobile package. This will consequently lead to an enhanced service and hopefully a lower fee for customers, including the cutback of costs of communication enlargement to wireless carriers.

For these three-in-one gadgets to successfully work, they should be able to efficiently cross one connection to another without any signal disruption at all. One example is when the phone realizes that it is leaving a hotspot; it must automatically switch to its mobile network.

Generally, people anticipate an extensive number of advantages that VoIP will be able to offer cellular phones in the future. Due to the seeming miracles of the cutting-edge technology, wireless providers are starting to identify the enhanced assistance that will be accessible to clients and will hopefully adopt a wider selection of competitiveness.