Sizzling Mobile Gadget

Samsung is extremely popular among the mobile phone users all around the world. Their products are highly in demand by the people especially for their unmatchable quality and standard. Let’s talk about its beautiful and sizzling mobile phone Tocco. Tocco is an Italian word which means touch. As this phone has a big touch screen that is the reason behind it named as Samsung Tocco. This is not a new phone that is crowding its presence among an ample of touch screen mobile phones in the market. This is just a renamed model which used to be known as Samsung F480. Samsung Tocco is the same old phone which features the similar facilities that Samsung F480 contains.

This handset is full of amazing features like a powerful camera of 5 mega pixel, and Bluetooth of power 2.0. The compatibility of this phone is good enough to connect with 3G and HSDPA broadband. This accounts for the fastest download facility from the internet. This beautiful handset weighs only 100.6 grams. This smart phone is packed with spectacular functionalities; it is not only light but extremely slim. The dimensions of the Tocco are 98.4 X 55 X 11.6 mm.

This classy and graceful handset is attractive enough to make your friends jealous but this is not the end of its unique features. The internal storage space in Samsung Tocco contract phone is 228 MB that can perfectly store a lot of important data, music, ring tones and other files.

This phone has also got really good connectivity, excellent music player, FM radio and many other facilities. The music player is an integrated one and the sound has a enclose effect. The Bluetooth technology accounts for the wireless connectivity and easy file transfer. You can open a web browser from this phone and send or receive emails. This shows that this phone is an outstanding device for communication.