Know About Mobile Phones and Recycling

Mobile devices, these days, are frequently upgraded which is brought about by the competitive telecommunications industry. So, what happens to old phones that people do not use anymore? Old mobile devices do not just fade away, they are kept in dusty drawers or probably they get thrown in the trash. While there may be a lot of new versions of mobile devices that we acquire today, our hoarding instincts will tell us to keep our old phones, give it to some relatives or better yet to store them for emergency use. However, in the end, it will eventually end up in the trashes. This is basically where the problem all begins.

Mobile phones are composed of toxic heavy metals and other metals like cadmium, nickel, mercury, copper, zinc, arsenic, lead and many others. These metals are persistent thus they do not degrade in the environment. They are also bioaccumulative which means that they have the tendency to build up on fatty tissues and they can possibly reach toxic levels overtime. In the event that these materials will leak into the environment, they can contaminate the water sources as well as the soil. They can build up in the soil and enter the food chain and in sufficient amounts can cause health problems. Health problems associated with these materials include nervous system damage, reproductive problems, developmental problems, cancer as well as genetic alterations.

Chemicals such as cadmium are most dangerous when ingested and it is also carcinogenic. Lead poisoning can damage the liver and the kidneys when absorbed into the bloodstream in high amounts. It is also known to produce neurologic damage to exposed children. Nickel and mercury are both hazardous substances. With this knowledge about the effects of dumping mobile phones, there is really a need to create a proper way of disposing electronic gadgets. Recycling mobile devices as well as other electronic gadgets is one safe way to go about this growing problem. There are actually a lot of phone recycling companies that can help you with regards to the need to recycle your old phone. It is necessary that everyone will take their social responsibility in recycling as it can benefit everybody through protecting the environment.